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April showers bring May flowers! I'm just kidding... it's still raining in Charlotte and all its brought is pollen. I'm sniffling as I type this, in case you're wondering. More big news on our end, *insert drumroll here* the new and improved version of Travel is here!

Click here to read all about Travel and its release notes:

Besides that, here's everything else that happened in April!

What's New:

  • Full country names are now shown under the Destination columns, rather than just the abbreviated versions.

  • Reviewers on Travel reports will now receive an email notification when a Travel report is assigned to them.

  • Within a Ticket that has the Approval flow turned on, if a user attempts to delete or close a ticket, a warning appears to let them know that the approval will auto-decline.

  • The DISS Import CSV has been updated. Click here to find the updated template.

  • Within the Contracts Export CSV, Departments has been added as a header for Admins to have additional information!

  • Return date on a Travel report date can only be after the Departure date.


  • With the Travel update, the link to the various country's travel briefings were rendered non-dynamic. This bug was fixed so that the link shows the proper country's briefing based on what was chosen by the user.

  • When adding flights, multiple repeated lines would appear rather than just the one flight. Adding boat ports also did a similar action with the repeated lines. These issues have now been resolved.


I have no clever commentary for this month because I have something far more exciting! The integration between Sign In Enterprise and Sign In Solution has officially been released. Yipee! Now, reign in that excitement, and keep on reading for March’s release notes.

What’s New:

  • In the People section, Admins can now enable two-factor authentication via the bulk-action option in the heading of the table. Admins can also go into a user’s profile and enable 2FA on an individual basis. Cheers to extra layers of safety!

  • In the People section, there is now a ‘Created Date’ filter for Admins to sort through users. By leveraging the filter, Admins will be able to select a range of dates for the creation date of users.

  • DISS has updated its subject report… again. Who’s shocked? Not us! The SIC team has updated the DISS import function to reflect the new subject report. Admins can find the CSV file to the DISS import here.


  • Within People, if an Admin/Security Manager tried to create a new user, the Facility dropdown would show ‘No Options’. The bug has been fixed to accurately reflect the list of facilities in users’ environments within the Facility dropdown when creating a user.


For the first time in a year that I've been writing these updates, a customer finally told me that they read my jokes on the posts… March is going to be a good month 😎 Mind you, they didn't tell me whether they thought it was funny or not. Potato potato. A win is a win! Speaking of wins, onto our February updates!

What’s New:

  • Within ‘Tasks’ in Administration, Admins can now send a bulk reminder to users to remind them to complete their tasks. To do so, just hit the checkbox next to ‘Task Name’ to select all of the tasks on that page, then select ‘Remind’.

  • Admins can now update their employees’ Security Point of Contact (shown on an employee’s inbox). Admins can go to ‘Facilities’ under Administration, select a facility, and determine who the FSO is. In doing so, the FSO’s email will show up under the Security POC for employees affiliated with that facility.

  • Under Administration, Admins now have access to ‘Contacts’. Admins can create useful contacts privy to only the Admin and Security Manager roles.


  • When a training is created or edited, it would not show up unless the ‘Created Date Filter’ is removed.

  • Under Custom Roles, a user who has the option to ‘Add Users’ (via People) is unable to do so, even when their permissions allow them to. Rather, every field when creating a user is greyed out except for the Facilities dropdown.

  • Within a Request Template, the dropdown for a Required Form appears blank, rather than showing the available forms.

  • If an Action Request has a Form required for its submission details, the form does not appear when submitting a new request.

  • Within Foreign Travel, the previous button in the report is broken and will not allow users to go to the previous page.

  • The lodging dates within the Foreign Travel wizard are off after submitting the report.

  • The beginning and end dates for a Foreign Travel trip are off from the originally entered date.

  • Once an employee exits the Foreign Travel Wizard, the user lands on the V1 Foreign Travel table.


Did you know the groundhog is named Punxsutawney Phil? Anyways, he saw his shadow, so bundle up! With that chilly news, let’s move on to our February updates.

What’s New:

  • In Eligibility under a User’s profile, there is a new option under the ‘Granted By’ field. The option is ‘DoDCAS - DCSA Consolidated Adjudications Services’.

  • Within a Travel report, there is a passport section - pulled from a user’s profile - that appears on the first page of the wizard. Users also have the option to edit their passport details within the Travel report.

  • Previously, Users received a notification when a multiple-signature form was out for signatures by the other people assigned to the form. Users will no longer receive a notification that they have an incomplete task when others Users still need to sign the form.

  • When Admins delete a Contract, a message will pop up explaining why the deletion isn’t possible if it’s associated with a Visit Request(s).

  • In Workflows, Admins can now enable an ‘Approvals Flow’ to approve or reject a user’s ticket. As an Admin, you can assign a default Approver for all tickets from a Workflow within its settings. However, if you don’t want to assign a default Approver, then assign an Approver within an individual’s ticket!

  • The link to the CDSE FSO Toolkit training has been updated to reflect the proper link. The DoD Hotline Posters link in the Training section has also been updated.

  • In Visit Requests, users now have the option to insert the incoming visitor’s email via the new ‘Email’ field.

  • Customers can now request to have their custom logos on emails sent to their employees. This includes emails notifying users about incomplete tasks.

  • In the Security Point of Contact section in an Employee’s inbox, users can now click on their POC’s email to shoot them a message!


  • When a user is created and their Date of Birth is entered, the profile shows the DOB a day before the date entered.

  • Employees were being redirected to the Foreign Travel V1 table when saving a travel report as a draft. This error has been fixed, and they are being directed to the proper table.

  • When users edit a previously existing travel report, clicking on the ‘Previous’ button did not take them to the previous page. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Security Managers received an error after logging out of ThreatSwitch.

  • Within a Travel report, the start and end dates of a trip are appearing off by one day. This error has been solved.

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