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Hello! You might notice that there have been some changes to the SIC homepage. You may have run into the product tour awaiting for you, and it piqued your interest on what this is all about. Fear not, that’s what I’m here for! Please continue reading to see what changes have been made.

The most major conceptual change is that your homepage inbox exclusively pertains to your activities that need to be completed in SIC. Previously, the inbox would indicate all of your items in relation to Admin related items (ex. employee badges expiring, tasks for an employee’s ticket, etc.). Now, the inbox will show items related to you, as a user! It’s quite similar to what your employees experience in their own inbox.

In regards to the look of the inbox, you can view your upcoming items, such as travel post-briefs, training assignments, and more! Beyond that, you can see your accesses, eligibilities, and badges with ease right on your homepage. You can even select the 'View My Profile' option, in order to quickly access all of the wonderful information stored in there!

Your new inbox:

Speaking of your profile, you might notice that there's no profile button in the bottom left corner... so where did it go? In the upper right hand corner! We've got to keep you sharp somehow, right? You can click on your profile picture to find quick shortcuts to your Tasks, Travels, and SO much more! Take a look at all of the menu options when clicking on your profile picture in the screenshot below. To the left of your Profile picture, you'll now see an icon for a list. If you click on that, then you will find your Reminders and Activity section. Fun fact about the reminders: the items above the line are your Admin action items, and the items below the line are for your personal action items.

While you're looking at the top of the page, you might notice a new, handy-dandy 'Notify' button for you to leverage. You can click on it to report any sort of Reportable Information! Now, last but certainly not least, next to the 'Notify' button there is a drop-down titled 'Security Point of Contact'. You can now see all of the FSOs of the facilities you're associated with. In order to make sure that information shows, go to Administration then Facilities. Click into a Facility and ensure that the Facility Security Officer dropdown is filled out!

Now, you might be wondering where you're going to see all of your Admin related tasks, right? Lucky for you, there's an Admin specific dashboard in your Administration section! Don't believe me? Just check it out for yourself.

Admin Dashboard:

If you want a peak into how these changes impact your employees, then you can check out the employee version of this article:

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