Overview of the ThreatSwitch Training Hub

All you need to know as a security manager or administrator about creating, assigning, and tracking training.

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The ThreatSwitch Training Hub is where security managers, compliance officers, or administrators can create courses, assign them to anyone, and follow up to make sure that the work got done.

Training Hub is flexible enough to be used for both traditional training and for other situations when you need to assign something to an employee for review or completion. For example, Training Hub can be used for things like an annual security briefing, pre-travel training, a course on your company learning management system (LMS), focused refresher training, a third party offering like CDSE, or just a document you want someone to read.

Creating A New Training Course

To get started, just click on "Training" in the left navigation pane. This will pull up the ThreatSwitch Training Hub which will contain all outstanding training assignments. If you don't see anything it's because you're new here and need to create something. Let's get to it!

To add a new training, click on "Add a Training Course" on the top right-hand side of your screen. You will first need to Name your training, Add any instructions, and then attach either a document or link to the actual training materials. This really can be anything: an internal LMS course, a PowerPoint document, a picture of your kids, or the menu for wherever you're going out to lunch. You are restricted only by your passion for assigning people things to do.

URL or a File

You have the choice to provide a file or a URL. In this example, we're assigning a link to a training URL -- you can provide a URL to anywhere or any kind of file, video, or document. Or upload any kind of files such as a pdf, PPT, or Word Document.

Certificate or No Certificate? Choose Wisely.

Some training will provide an employee with a certification of completion once the course is completed. Or you may want to provide your own certificate of completion. If you do want to require a certificate of completion, please make sure you select the check box at the bottom and if needed, remember to also upload that certificate here if it is not part of the file or URL you previously provided.

Be warned! If you ask a an employee to provide a certificate and there is none for them to provide, the employee may become cranky and tell you about it.

Assign Training to Employees

Once your training details have been entered, you can immediately assign it to people. Skip this step if you do not want to assign anyone training at this time, you can always come back and assign it once you are ready.

To come back and assign employees after the training is created, navigate to your Training Hub, select a training, and then click "Assign Personnel" in the top right-hand corner.

Employee Notifications

Once you assign training to an employee, they will receive an email notification stating letting them know they have training that needs to be completed in ThreatSwitch. That email looks like this:

Training Status

Once training is assigned, you will see the status of all assignments next to each training in your Training Hub. You also have an authoritative record of completion dates, and you can view a certificate if it was provided by the employee.

Editing and Cancelling

After training is created you are able to edit things like training name, instructions, training documents, training links, if a certificate is required and who the training was assigned to.

If you have admin privileges, that means that you have it in your power to break stuff, so use caution when deleting or un-assigning training.

To edit, open the training, edit the information, and hit save.

To cancel or delete a request for training, click on the person(s) and then select delete. This will un-assign them from the training.


This may sound shocking, but sometimes employees might not do what you ask them to do. If you need to remind an employee about an assigned training, you can do so right from the Training Hub. Filter by incomplete status, select which employees you would like to remind, and then select remind. Those employees will receive another email notifying them to complete the assigned training.

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