Creating an action request template

Configure custom workflows for powerful automation

Written by Peter Akeley
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An action request template is a way to capture common requests of your security team in a simple form-driven workflow in ThreatSwitch. You can think of an action request template as a replacement for a common email that security may receive. Common examples include: pre-screening requests, onboarding requests, clearance requests, system access requests, contract read-on requests, etc. Since action requests are completely customizable, these are just a small sample of possible options, and you can build whatever fits your particular set of needs.

To create an action request template, you will need:

  • Administrator level permissions

  • A fill-able PDF form or word document OR

  • A digital form configured in ThreatSwitch

The process of creating an action request in ThreatSwitch is straightforward.

  1. Navigate to the "Admin" button in the left-hand menu

  2. Open the "Request Templates" submenu

  3. Here, you will see a table of all available action requests or an option to create your first Action Request Template

  4. Click "Add a Template"

  5. Enter a name for your action request. The name will be shown to employee users and should reflect how people think of the request. For example, "Onboarding Request" would be appropriate.

  6. Enter instructions for whoever will complete the action request, typically employees or program managers. Instructions should briefly describe any nuances of the form.

  7. In the assignments section, administrators have two options. You can choose to have employees fill out a digital form that you have already configured. This is a great option for employees to quickly fill out a form, and leverages field validation that you have configured on the digital form.

  8. The second option is to simply use or upload a PDF or word document. This option is a little bit more manual for the employee because they must complete the form offline. However, there are many use-cases where wet-ink signatures are required or the PDF complexity requires offline completion. Once an employee completes the document, they will simply upload it back to ThreatSwitch for your records.

  9. The action request template will be enabled by default, but if you wish to hide the request from view, you can disable the action request here.

Once the action request template has been setup, your users will now be able to complete the attached form or documents, and submit them to your team for processing. Employee-level users will see this as an option in their "Notify" section.

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