Tips & Tricks for using the Training feature

This article highlights facts and provides a few tips on how to utilize the training feature in ThreatSwitch.

Written by Peter Akeley
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Creating a training in ThreatSwitch is extremely easy in ThreatSwitch. There are a few items you will want to make sure to address when creating, assigning and managing a training in ThreatSwitch. The below highlights a few facts and items to keep in mind when executing a training.

Creating a Training:

  • You do not need to assign users to a training the moment you create a training. The moment you assign a training the employees will receive an email notification saying they need to log in and complete the training. By not assigning the users the training initially it allows you to build and test prior to sending.

  • When building the training, include the instructions in the 'Description' section. Be as detailed as possible, this is how the employees will know what is needed from them.

  • You can assign different cage codes a training or you can assign ALL cage codes the same training.

  • If the training is required to be completed by a certain date, be sure to assign a due date.

  • In the 'Documents' section you can add as many websites or documents as needed.

  • If you mark 'Require Certificate' (outlined below), the user will need to upload a certificate OR attachment of some sort to show that they have completed the training.

Assigning a Training:

  • The moment you assign a training to an individual they will receive an email notification saying they have been assigned a training in ThreatSwitch.

  • You can assign a training to individuals after you create and review the contents of the training.

  • To assign a training after you have created a training, open the training template and then select 'Add Trainees'. You will be able to select one individual or a handful of employees at one given time (see screenshots below).

  • New hires or employees who have recently become eligible to take this training, you can assign them to complete the training any time.

  • If the employee has an incomplete training, they will receive an email notification every weekend stating they have an incomplete task they need to complete.

Managing a Training:

  • If you need to make changes to a training after it's been created, you have the ability to edit the following; title, description, documents, if a certificate should be required or not.

  • You can mass unassign or remind users of a training (screenshot below).

  • You have the ability to download the certificate an employee uploads and you also can mark and upload a certificate on behalf of an employee.

  • By using the filtering tool you can identify a group of employees and view their status of a training.

  • The 'Trainee Status' section lets you view everyone who has been assigned any training and the status of the training (screenshot below).

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