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What are Action Requests and how can I utilize them in ThreatSwitch?
What are Action Requests and how can I utilize them in ThreatSwitch?

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Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Action Requests solve a handful of tasks that are submitted by employees on a recurring basis. As a Security Manager you probably have received multiple emails from your employees asking "How do I submit a clearance request?" or "What additional documents are needed for a visit request?" or even "Where can I submit information for a contract?". These questions can now be addressed by Action Requests.

Action Requests allow the Security Managers to create and provide different workflows to their cleared personnel. This gives the employees (or program managers) the ability to access documents and forms at any given time to complete and return to you in a secure manner. Employees now can take the initiative on submitting all information to their Security Team.

Once the employee submits an action request, the Security Team will be notified and can take the appropriate next steps in processing the information submitted.

So what does this mean for you as the Security Manager? This gives you the ability to provide multiple documents and forms in a specific format so when they are returned, you have captured all the correct information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a limit to the number of Action Request you can create?
​Nope - create as many as you need.

Where do the documents live after the employee submits the request?
​The information lives in two locations. One in the 'Action Request' section and the other location is under the employees profile.

How do I notify the employee that the item has been reviewed and addressed? Simply mark the ticket as closed and the submitting employee will receive an email notification.

Who can create a request template?
​ Administrator Role users.

Can I delete an action request?

Yes! Archiving a request is identical to deleting an Action Request. This will remove it from your view but if you ever need to access the information at a later date, we can retrieve it for you.

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