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Can I include travel forms for employees to sign during the Foreign Travel process?
Can I include travel forms for employees to sign during the Foreign Travel process?

TSW allows for you to associate briefings, questionnaires and other forms to be completed by employees when they submit a pre-travel report.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

When processing Pre-Travel reports from employee's you may need to capture additional information. This can range from pre-travel briefings, questionnaires, additional security information based on the contract the employee is working on. ThreatSwitch allows you to capture this information through the Forms feature.

The only item that is required is for you to upload that specific form. From there the employee can access the document when submitting their pre-travel report in ThreatSwitch.

Since these forms are optional for the employee to submit, we do suggest to titling the travel form with specific instructions or direction so the employee knows that it is required versus truly optional. For example, if a briefing is required by the company for every employee to complete when traveling title the document "Required Company Pre-Travel Briefing". This way when the form is displayed during the pre-travel report, the employee will know that specific form is required.

To associate a form to the pre-travel report, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch and proceed to "Administration" --> "Forms"

  2. Select 'Add Form' if the form isn't already uploaded. Follow the steps to save the form to ThreatSwitch. Please note, this is where you have the option to title the form with a detailed description.

3. Once the form has been added to ThreatSwitch, open the 'Foreign Travel' section under 'Administration'.

4. All forms that have been uploaded to ThreatSwitch will be displayed in this section. As the Admin you have the ability to select the forms/documents that will be presented during the pre-travel report, all that is needed is to check the box next to the forms name.

5. Once the form has been selected it will appear during the pre-travel report for the employee to complete.

The more you know! As an Admin you have the ability to view and download the forms that are submitted during the FTR process. All that is needed is to open the foreign travel report that was completed by the employee and under the 'Documents' section you have access to all the completed documents and forms provided. They will be stored with each travel report.

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