What are Custom Roles? How can I create one?

Create Custom Roles to help manage your Security Program

Written by Peter Akeley
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In ThreatSwitch there are four standard roles; Administrator, Security Manager, Assistant Security Manager and Employee. Each permission allows for the user to have certain access to ThreatSwitch based on the role they have within the company.

So, what if you want to include other associates to manage different items like contracts or badges but not allow for them to see the personnel or PII information? Not to worry, ThreatSwitch offers Administrators to create 'Custom Roles' in their account.

What exactly does this mean? Let's say you have a Contracts Manager at your company who is responsible for managing new contracts, updating existing ones and associating users to the contracts. You are able to create these permissions in ThreatSwitch under the 'Roles' section in the 'Administration' tab.

With each feature, you are able to allow access or prevent the user from seeing the information associated with the record. For example, you can allow someone to see only contracts by selecting the dial next to 'contracts'.

If you allow the user to view that specific feature, you can grant them access to 'edit & add' information. Basically you are allowing that user to manage the information within the feature. Each feature in ThreatSwitch allows you to select these options; view, edit, add or manage. So, if the Contracts Manager can add add and edit contracts along with associating users to the contract in ThreatSwitch you would select the dial "manage contracts" and "assign users".

Another layer to custom roles is enabling users to see PII information, Eligibilities, Accesses, Polygraphs, Documents & Forms, or Comments. This is enabled by cage code, entire company or no one at the company. For example, the contracts manager can manage company wide documents and forms for the entire company but they can only edit and manage these for people in their cage code. Other scenarios are listed in the screenshot below:

There are so many options for custom roles, some are listed below:

  • Contracts Manager

  • Badge Manager

  • Assets & Container Manager

  • HR Manager

  • Incident Reporting / Insider Threat

  • Travel and Visit Personnel

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager at ThreatSwitch or send us a chat located in the bottom right hand corner.

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