How do I use containers?

The benefits for managing Containers and Assets in ThreatSwitch.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Managing Containers in ThreatSwitch helps you organize, track and identify what is being stored onsite and at different locations. One of the most valuable benefits for managing Containers is that you are able to track who has access to sensitive company information and when the combination codes were last changed or will expire.

Additional benefits for managing Containers in ThreatSwitch include:

  • Who manages the container, or who the custodians are.

  • The storage level of the container.

  • The cage and contract it is associated with.

  • The location, serial number and manufacturer.

  • Combination expiration dates.

As a Security Manager you can associate company assets to containers and custodians. With each asset that is stored in ThreatSwitch, you are able to define the next audit due date(s) depending on when your next inspection is due. The custodian will then hold the responsibility for marking the asset as accounted for or missing -- this can be done throughout the year and not dependent on the audit due date.

Fun fact --- when a custodian marks an asset as 'missing', the Security Team is alerted via an email. This will allow you to take the appropriate next steps.

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