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How do I update the permissions or 'role' for an employee?
How do I update the permissions or 'role' for an employee?

This article outlines how to update the role from Security Manager to Administrator or from Employee to Security Manager.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

As an Administrator you have the ability to update a users role to grant or limit their visibility into your company's ThreatSwitch account. Review the steps below to learn how to change their role. 

  1. As the Administrator sign into ThreatSwitch and proceed to 'People'

  2. Identify the user(s) you would like to change their permissions for and review their 'Profile'.

  3. In their 'Account Details' select 'Edit'

  4. You will have the option to select the correct 'Role' in the drop down

  5. Once selected, click save and the user with have the updated permissions

Time you may need to update a users Role:

  • After a CSV PII import. During these imports, all users are given the 'Employee' role. 

  • If a promotion occurs for a Security Manager or Assistant Security Manager. 

  • If you create a new custom role; Asset Manager, Contracts Manager, IT or HR. 

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