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How to organize and group similar Forms together?
How to organize and group similar Forms together?

'Tags' allow you to group similar Forms together to quickly organize, identify and update.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Our 'Form' feature allows you to house hundreds of forms that require users to review, sign and complete electronically. Having the ability to load hundreds of forms could result in spending valuable time searching for a specific one to review and/or update. Instead of having to search each line item, we have incorporated the use of 'tags'.

Think of a 'tag' as a folder in your computer. Tags will allow you to group similar forms with the same category or keyword. If a group of forms has the same topic you can assign them a tag labeled as that topic. For example, if you have twenty forms relating to 'security', create a 'Security' tag and assign it to the relating forms. 

How do you do this? Great question! Follow the steps below and check out the screenshot to learn more. 

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch as an Administrator and open the 'Administration' tab

  2. Proceed to the 'Forms' section to begin reviewing all items that have been uploaded

  3.  Begin selecting similar forms to tag with the same category. There is no limit to the number of forms you can tag.

4. Once you have selected the the forms, select 'Tag' located on the top panel. If it is an existing tag you have the option to select it from the drop down list. If it is a new category/subject, you can create a tag on the fly. To create a tag on the fly all you need to do is type the new category and select 'Create new tag'. 

When trying search for tags, use the filtering tool to select the tags you would like to review. 

The more you know! You can tag users with similar categories. These same tags can be used on people and forms. 

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