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How do I make a company or industry standard document available to employees?
How do I make a company or industry standard document available to employees?

How do I make a document visible to employees?

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

As a Security Admin you may be required to provide employees certain industry standard documents or company wide documents. ThreatSwitch makes this easy for you to accomplish in the platform with a few simple steps using the company 'Document' feature. 

A few examples are:

*Forms that require an ink signature: DD441 and 312
*Company Policies 


  1. Log into ThreatSwitch as a Administrator and/or Security Manager

  2. Select "Administration" located in the left-hand side navigation bar

  3. Within the Administration tool select "Documents"

  4. Here you can select existing documents to make them available to employees or import a new document

  5. When selecting an existing document, click 'edit' located on the far right when hovering over the specific document. From there, check the box next to 'Allow users with 'employee' role to view this document'. This will allow all employees within the cage code(s) listed to view this document.

  6. To make a new document visible, select 'Add a Document' in the top right hand corner. From there, go through the normal process of adding a document to the system. You can then select the cage code who should see this specific document and then you are also able to select the check box 'Allow users with 'employee' role to view this document'. 

Ta-Da!! You have successfully allowed users to see certain documents by following the steps above. Questions? Comments? Let us know via the chat box located in the bottom right hand corner. 

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