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What is the Comment Section in an Employee's Profile user for?
What is the Comment Section in an Employee's Profile user for?
Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

ThreatSwitch now allows you to communicate within an employees profile with other Administrators and Security Managers in the platform. What does this actually mean for you? 

  • Do you ever need to make a quick note for your Security Team so they know you have taken a certain action for an employee?

  • Do you ever need to quickly document something pertaining to an employee so you don't forget it later? 

With our 'comment' section you now can perform the above actions and no longer worry about taking the extra step to send an email to your team or look for a sticky note you made a year ago... All information will now live under the comments section. 

How do I leave a comment?

Simple! Follow the steps below to document your actions, thoughts and next steps under an employees profile. 

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch and open the 'People' module. 

  2. Then open the employee that you would like to leave a note/comment on

  3. On the left side panel, select 'Comments'

  4. From here all you need to do is leave your note and a date/time will be associated with your account. 

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