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What is the purpose of a reviewer? How do I assign a reviewer to an item?
What is the purpose of a reviewer? How do I assign a reviewer to an item?

Reviewers can be applied to Incidents, VARs, and Foreign Travel.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

By using the 'Reviewer' feature it allows you to group and organize reports, incidents and requests submitted by your cleared personnel. If you have multiple managers or FSOs who are responsible for managing a group of employees you can then assign them to their specific employee's items. 

When you receive an email notification from ThreatSwitch stating that an employee has submitted a 'VAR', 'Incident', or 'Travel Report', you then have the ability to log into ThreatSwitch, review who submitted the item and then assign their manager the task of reviewing and taking the next steps. 

This is great for organizing your personnel and also delegating responsibility to the rest of your Security Team. If you are a one-person Security Team, you can take the steps of adding yourself as the 'Reviewer' once you have performed the correct actions. This will help you monitor what you have completed vs. what is still pending. 

So, how do you assign a 'Reviewer' to these items? 

  1. When you receive an email stating someone has submitted either a travel report, visit request and incident -- you should log into ThreatSwitch and review the item.

  2. Determine who is responsible for this item -- another manager? Another FSO? Once you determine who should take the next steps, open the request.

  3. Once the Incident, Travel or Visit is open, you have the option to 'Assign' a reviewer. Select the correct associate who is responsible for taking the next steps. 

The more you know!:

  • When the assigned reviewer logs into ThreatSwitch, they can proceed to either the Incident, VARs, Travel and then filter by 'Reviewer' to isolate their specific items they need to take care of. 

  • Use the filter tool to determine who still needs to be assigned a reviewer. 

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