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Is there a way to report on who has been assigned a tag?
Is there a way to report on who has been assigned a tag?
Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

The biggest benefit of using 'Tags' is being able to report on who is associated with the respected tag. After grouping similar associates you can pull a report by using our filtering tool to view the users in our application or pull a report. Some benefits of using tags and running reports are: 

  • Do you have a group of employees who have yet to receive their clearances? Tag these employees with "Clearance Pending" to easily view and report who still has a pending clearance.

  • Want to quickly identify who is a KMP? Tag these users as "KMP" and filter to view all relevant employees.

Below outlines how to group users based on their tags and either view the list or run a report to take the appropriate next steps.

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch and open the 'People' module.

  2. Select 'Add a Filter' under the search box and scroll to select 'Tags'.

  3. In the drop down box, select the tag(s) you would like to isolate and view. 

  4. If you just want to view the users, this is all you need to do! If you want to run a report, select 'Create Report' located next to the search box.

  5. Ta-da! You have successfully identified and isolated the population that is associated with that tag. 

Fun Facts!!

  1. You can filter multiple tags at once! Want to view a new hire that still needs to go through onboarding AND needs their clearance pending? Not to worry -- select both tags and click 'Apply'. All users with those categories will populate. 

  2. You can use these reports to provide to upper management or other departments/managers so they can take the next steps in managing the users. 

Have questions? Let us know! Want to give us recommendations? We want to hear them! 

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