What are Tags? How can I create them in ThreatSwitch?

Create custom tags to categorize, organize and report on your cleared personnel.

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Custom Tagging allows for you to organize your personnel by using different categories or classifications. With these tags, you are then able to filter and extract a report from ThreatSwitch to provide to upper management or other key personnel at your company.

Not sure what to tags to create? No worries, below are a few frequently used tags that we have noticed being user. Do you have any recommendations? Let us know!

  • Clearance Pending

  • KMP

  • Onboarding Needed

  • Polygraph

  • Manager - 'ZYX department'

  • Courier

  • NATO

There are two methods for applying a tag to a user. You can create the tags prior to assigning them to an associate (best practice) or you can create the tag on the fly. Below outlines the two methods, please review and let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

Creating Tags

  1. To create a tag, log into ThreatSwitch and access the 'Administration' tool. Within the Admin tool select "Tags". 

  2. Here you will have visibility into the tags that already exist. Having visibility to this list will allow for you to determine if a new tag is needed. 

  3. If a new tag is needed, select "Add a Tag" and start to enter your custom category in. Click 'Save'

  4. Congrats! You have successfully created a custom tag -- the next step is to apply this to apply it to a users account

After you create a tag, the next step is associating the tag with an account. Follow the steps below to assign a tag to an account. 

Associating a Tag to an Account

  1. Open the 'People' tool and search for the employee(s) that you would like to assign the tag.

  2. Select the checkbox to the left of their name and click 'Tag' located on the top row. You have the option to only select one user or multiple. To select multiple you will select the accounts for as many users as desired. 

  3. From here you will be able to associate a pre-existing tag or create a new custom tag on the go. To select a pre-existing tag, open the drop down and scroll to find the existing tag. To create a new custom tag, begin typing in the word(s) and select 'Create Option --'. Once selected or typed in, click 'Save'

  4. Congrats! You have successfully assigned a user or multiple users a custom tag. 

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