How do I submit a VAR on behalf of an Employee?

Submit a Visit Access Request for an employee.

Written by Peter Akeley
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ThreatSwitch allows for your cleared personnel to submit a VAR for you to review and approve. There will be times when you may need to fill this out on their behalf, whether it be a last minute request or if they just stop by your office. The instructions listed below outline the steps you need to take to complete this action.

  1. The first step is to log into your TSW account and proceed to the Visit Requests section on the left hand side panel. 

  2. To add a new Visit Request, select the orange button "Add a Visit Request" 

  3. Populate the form and required fields to successfully submit a VAR. The fields you are required to fill out are:

  • Status : Employee Requested, Submitted to JPAS/Customer, Active and Expired

  • Visit Type: Incoming and Outgoing

  • Employee (if Outgoing)

  • POC First and Last Name

  • Start and End Date

  • Origin CAGE Code

  • Meet location has a CAGE Code

  • Destination CAGE Code OR Destination Fax/Email

As a Security Manager, you have the ability to go back and edit this information to make any appropriate updates. You can adjust the Status, change any information and add Additional Notes anytime that it is needed.

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