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How do I review and edit a Visit Request an Employee has submitted?
How do I review and edit a Visit Request an Employee has submitted?

How to update an Employee submitted VAR

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

In ThreatSwitch we allow Employees to submit Visit Requests to their Security Managers/FSOs (What?! You didn't know? Check this Support Article out to learn more!). This is great because it saves you time as a Security Manager and also makes the Employee accountable for submitting this information.  

Once the VAR is submitted, you as the SM/FSO can make adjustments to make sure it is up to date with accurate information. A few items you can adjust after it has been submitted are:

  • Status - Change from Employee Requested to: Submitted to JPAS/Customer, Active and Expired

  • Visit Type: Outgoing vs Incoming 

  • Origin CAGE Code

  • To CAGE Code

  • Fun Fact: All fields are editable but be sure to make note of any changes in the Additional Notes column to document the changes

  • Additional Notes - use this field to house any required information by your company, IE: Clearance Level, Updates to Start/End Date, reason for visit.  

To make changes or review the VAR, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your TSW account and open the 'Visit Request' tab located on the left side panel

  2. Review the chart and search for the VAR using a keyword or the filter feature. You can also sort the columns to group similar items together

  3. Select and open the VAR, click Edit

  4. Make the appropriate adjustments

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