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How to submit a Travel Request on behalf of an Employee?
How to submit a Travel Request on behalf of an Employee?

As a Security Manager I would like to submit a travel report on behalf of an employee, how do I do this?

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Creating a Travel Request on behalf of an employee in ThreatSwitch is extremely easy. All you need to do is to grab their travel itinerary, log into your ThreatSwitch account and follow the steps outlined below! 

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch using your username and password and proceed to the left side panel, select "Reportable Info". On the landing page, select "Foreign Travel". 

  2. Under 'Foreign Travel Reports' you can review every travel report any employee has previously submitted. You can complete their post travel report as well as create a new foreign travel report for any employee. 

  3. To submit a new report, select "Report Foreign Travel" in the top right corner of the page.

4. The next few steps will take you to different pages requesting information about their upcoming travel. The first page requests for you to provide the employee who is traveling, the purpose of the travel, dates they are visiting and lastly if they are traveling with anyone else.
5. Once you submit this information, you will then be asked to select the different modes of travel they will be using for this trip; Flight, Rail, Car, and/or Cruise. Be sure to select every method that will be utilized.

6. Each mode of transportation will then present you with different pages asking you to include information about the employees travel destinations, travel dates, times and where they will be staying while abroad. For example, if they are traveling by flight you will include the departure flight, any connecting flights and the return flight all on the same page (see the screenshot below). 

7. The following pages will ask you to complete any additional travel methods. For example if the employee is renting a car, you will be required to provide this information on the subsequent pages (screenshot also included below). 

8. Once you've entered the travel methods for the employee, the next portion will ask for confirmation on where the employee is staying during this trip.
9. After inputting the employees itinerary and verifying if it is correct, the next step is documenting if the employee will be contacting any foreign nationals and then also including any documents pertaining to their travel.

10. Congrats! You have successfully completed the Pre-Travel Report for your employee!

Heads Up! If you require any trainings because of the destination, you will need to assign these trainings to the employee through our Training feature. 

Another Heads Up! Don't forget the employee will need to complete their post-travel report once they have returned from the trip. Not sure how to? Check this support article out on how to complete the Post Travel Report. 

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