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What is Continuous Evaluation? How do I mark someone as Continuous Evaluation?
What is Continuous Evaluation? How do I mark someone as Continuous Evaluation?

This article highlights what CE is and how you can use this feature in TSW.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Continuous Evaluation is a relatively new initiative that is being implemented by the DoD. Previously, if you were an employee with clearance you would periodically go through a reinvestigation every five or so years to confirm you are still in compliance and not a security threat. Now with Continuous Evaluation, you will continually be screened by a software that will scan arrest records, court filings, major purchase records, etc. If the results yield a red flag, you will then be contacted to take certain actions depending on what the results are. 

How does ThreatSwitch help you monitor CE employees?

Using Continuous Evaluation in ThreatSwitch is simple. After the employee has been added to the system and you have updated their eligibility, the option to mark their eligibility as "Continuous Evaluation" is an easy task - the only action is checking a box. 

  1. Open the "Eligibility" tab under the employees profile

  2. Check the box "Continuous Evaluation" located above the Eligibility details list (highlighted in a yellow box below). Fun fact: you don't have to add their eligibility in order to mark them with Continuous Evaluation.

Now what?
From there you can identify who has the status of 'Continuous Evaluation' by using the filter option in the 'People' section of TSW. You can then extract a report of these employees after you identify them.

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