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The Employee Inbox and Dashboard
The Employee Inbox and Dashboard

Get to know the space where you land when logging into ThreatSwitch as an employee.

Written by John Dillard
Updated over a week ago

Once you log in to ThreatSwitch, the first thing you'll see is the Employee Inbox. This is where you'll access everything that has been assigned to you by your Security Manager. All the tools you need to collaborate with your FSO and Security Team are located in the left side panel. This includes reporting information, completing a training, signing forms, and submitting a visit request. 

On the dashboard you can:

  • Reportable Information - Create a report for to be sent to your FSO. Reports cover everything from foreign travel, to foreign contacts, to suspicious activity. It's your communications gateway to your security team

  • Training - View/Complete/Affirm training assigned to you

  • Visit Requests - Submit a Visit Request to your Security Manager for them to review, provide you necessary information and/or approve. Check out this Support Article to learn more

  • Forms - Review and sign a Form that was assigned to you by your Security Manager + FSO. Want to learn more? Review this Support Article.

  • My Profile - Reset your password + Review Personal Info

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