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Getting Started for Employees
Getting Started With ThreatSwitch as an Employee
Getting Started With ThreatSwitch as an Employee

Learn how to get the most out of ThreatSwitch for accessing your training and reporting information to your security manager.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

As soon as you are set up in ThreatSwitch, you’ll have access to a new way of working with your company’s FSO and security team. Now, you have a single, secure location to access required training, report information required to maintain your clearance, and to collaborate with your security manager. 

What you get with the ThreatSwitch Platform

  • View all of your assigned training – regardless of location – and notify your FSO that you’ve completed all of the requirements.

  • Get notified when your FSO needs you to complete training or other tasks

  • Report information for all required NISPOM tracking -- from foreign contacts, to foreign travel, to insider threat activity, to phishing attacks, to changes in personal condition. 

  • Share documents related to those reports directly with your FSO

  • Protect your company, your customers and your teammates from insider and outside threats by sharing info immediately, securely, and on the web

  • Get live expert help not just on the product but on any security questions you may have with our team of certified FSOs. 

STEP 1: Accept your FSO’s invitation to set up an account.

If you haven’t already received an invite from your FSO, you will soon. Accept it, log in, and set your password to something strong. You’ll then have access to ThreatSwitch.

STEP 2: Try reporting information

Next, you'll want to try out our reportable information features. Just to get started, try adding a trip you might have planned outside of the US. Once you've done that, your security team will all be able to see the report, and discuss it with you.

STEP 3: Take training.

Once you have a ThreatSwitch account, your FSO can assign you as training (even if it's not really formal "training"). For example, might be asked to view the State Department URL for a country briefing if you are about to travel there. You will get an email notifying you to take the training, a link to complete the task, and then you can confirm completion -- and all of that will be stored in your training record in ThreatSwitch.

Step 5: Get Some Help. Or Share an Idea.

We are here to help you build and manage a successful program, not just use our awesome product. If you click on the help button in the bottom right, you can ask about anything - including security program questions. Our FSOs will get you an answer you can trust. In addition, you can use that button to suggest ideas -- or even to say nice things to us. :) 

What’s next?

  • Check out more help topics on training, reporting information to your FSO, and changing your password.

  • Click on the blue help button in ThreatSwitch to share feedback or ideas. 

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