Getting Started With ThreatSwitch

Learn how to get the most out of ThreatSwitch for training, reportable information, managing people, and collaboration.

Written by Peter Akeley
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As soon as you are set up in ThreatSwitch, you’ll have access to a new way of working on NISPOM and industrial security. You can start tracking people, clearances, training, incidents, travel and documents -- and that's just the beginning. 

What you get with the ThreatSwitch Platform

  • View live employee profiles that shows who they are, what clearances and eligibilities they have, what training they have completed, and reports and incidents they're related to.

  • Assign any training you want to anyone you want. Whether it's a PDF document, a CDSE course, or your company's own platform, you can add it to ThreatSwitch and assign it to anyone and track its completion.

  • Report information for all required NISPOM tracking -- from foreign contacts, to foreign travel, to insider threat activity, to phishing attacks, to unexplained wealth. 

  • Let your employees fill out forms online for all of that information -- including document attachments.

  • Share information and collaborate with your security team on threat information inside of ThreatSwitch -- fulfilling your responsibilities for NISPOM Conforming Change 2. 

  • Import data from JPAS on your people and their accesses and eligibilities.

  • Get live expert help not just on the product but on Industrial Security with our team of certified FSOs. 

STEP 1: Add a few teammates or employees

To get the most out of ThreatSwitch -- which puts collaboration at the center of your industrial security -- you need to add teammates and employees! Start with your executive team or other FSOs, and then start adding employees. If you add other security team members, you can share information on threats and vulnerabilities. If you add employees, they can report information and complete training.

STEP 2: Add reportable information

Next, you'll want to try out our reportable information features. Just to get started, try adding a foreign contact you or a colleague needs to report (we all have them!). Once you've done that, your security team will all be able to see the report, and discuss it.

STEP 3: Upload a document

ThreatSwitch gives you a single place to store official program information and training documents. Give it a try by uploading a training document. It doesn't have to be a file -- it can also be a link to a dropbox location, or a URL. Just be sure that it's a location that everyone can access!

STEP 4: Assign training

You can assign anything to any employee (even if it's not really formal "training"). For example, you can add the State Department URL for a country briefing, and then assign it to an employee who is about to travel there. They'll get an email notifying them, a link to complete the task, and then they can confirm completion -- and all of that information will be stored in their training record in ThreatSwitch.

Step 5: Get Some Help. Or Share an Idea.

We are here to help you build and manage a successful program, not just use our awesome product. If you click on the help button in the bottom right, you can ask about anything - including security program questions. Our FSOs will get you an answer you can trust. In addition, you can use that button to suggest ideas -- or even to say nice things to us. :) 

What’s next?

  • Add some users and start working through the steps above.

  • Check into the training guide to learn about how you can start assigning and tracking all of your security training.

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