Notification Training is due

Completing an Assigned Training

Notification of Training Assignment

When your Security Team or FSO assigns you training, you will receive an email notification. You will then need to log into your ThreatSwitch account to access the materials and complete the training. The email will look similar to this:

When you log into ThreatSwitch, you will see the incomplete training assignment in your Inbox. Click View Training Assignment.

Completing Training

Once you click into your assigned training (see above), you will see the assigned coursework in the form of a file or link. After following the instructions and completing the training, you will select 'Mark Complete'. This will change the status from 'incomplete' to 'complete and will also notify your Security Team.

The last step is certifying you have completed the training. If a certificate of completion is required you will be prompted to upload that here. Otherwise, type in your full name and Mark Complete. There is no further action required on your end - your Security Team/FSO you automatically be notified.

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