Did you recently receive an email notification that your asset(s) have an audit due date that is approaching? Or did you recently discover that your asset is missing? No need to worry, in ThreatSwitch you have the ability to alert your Security Manager or Team of the status of your current assets. Below outline the steps to review and take the next steps for your assets.

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch to access your account.

  2. Open the 'Profile' section located in the bottom right hand corner. Select 'My Profile'.

  3. 'Assets' will be listed on the profile menu page.

  4. To view your assets, select the 'Asset Name'. This will allow you to review the details and confirm all is correct. This is also where you can locate the next 'Audit Due Date'.

  5. If the audit due date is approaching or if you are missing your asset, open the tab labeled as 'Audits'.

  6. This will give you the ability to mark the asset as accounted for or missing. If the asset is missing, an email will be sent to your security team.

The more you know! Email notifications, if you are due for an audit you will receive an email notification that you need to log in and take action on that specific asset. When you mark an asset as missing, your Security Team will be notified.

Asset Page:

Audits Page:

Asset Missing:

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