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How do I import a Personnel Import using the Import Wizard?
How do I import a Personnel Import using the Import Wizard?

Import employee information using the Import Wizard.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Whether you are importing your entire population, adding new hires or simply just updating records - this task is an easy process when using the Import Wizard in ThreatSwitch. The Import Wizard allows for you to bulk import every field that is listed on the profile. This allows you to quickly add or update job titles, employee IDs, contact information, etc. To learn more about the process, check out the tips and steps below.


  • All files must be saved in a .CSV format.

  • The first column needs to have the fields that are listed in ThreatSwitch.

  • You do not need to include every field to have a successful import. However, the fields that are required are Email, First Name and Last Name.

  • If you are updating records in ThreatSwitch, you can pull a report from ThreatSwitch and edit that data. You will need to select 'Create Report' under the 'People' section.


  1. Log into ThreatSwitch and proceed to 'Administration' --> Imports

  2. Imports will list out all the previous imports that you have completed. You have the ability to review each import to see what was added or changed during that process. To create a new Import select "Create new Import"

  3. The next screen will allow you to title the import name and select the type of import. For personnel, select 'Personnel'.

4. After selecting 'Save', you will need to select the file to import.

5. You will then begin the process of associating the columns to the fields in ThreatSwitch. After associating the email address, first name and last name select 'Next'.

6. The next section allows for you to associate the other columns to the fields in ThreatSwitch. If the field has a blank item on the second column, the 'Imported Data Sample' will show as 'Unmapped'. This will not prevent other items in that column to not be imported as long as you map the 'Imported Column' to the 'ThreatSwitch Properties'. Once this section is complete, select 'Next'.

7. The final step is to review the items that were imported. The wizard will identify if the record is new, updated or if there were invalid items included in any section. If there are invalid records, there will be a section outlining why the information errored. This will allow you to review and update the line item. This does not prevent you from importing the other records.

8. After reviewing the records and approving the information, select 'Import Data'. This information will now be in ThreatSwitch -- Congrats!

Question on any of the steps or error message? Please reach out to our Support Center using the Chat feature in the lower right hand corner.

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