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What is the Import Wizard? What information can I import?
What is the Import Wizard? What information can I import?

Import personnel information and asset data with a few clicks!

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Getting data into ThreatSwitch could be a complicated process. ThreatSwitch simplifies this step by allowing you to import all personnel and asset data with a few clicks. All that is needed is the data points and a CSV file. The different imports that we support are listed below.

PERSONNEL IMPORT - Import all fields listed on the employee's profile. Have a ton of job titles to update? Do not stress, this can now be done with a simple personnel import. As an Admin or Security Manager you no longer have to manually add data to any employee's record. You can import all fields, including; termination date, country of citizenship, country of performance, home phone and literally any field on their profile. The only fields that are required for a personnel import are:

  • Email*

  • First Name*

  • Last Name*

ASSET IMPORT - Does your company have a ton of Assets? Does the task of entering this information in ThreatSwitch seem daunting? Do not worry because ThreatSwitch allows you to use our simple import tool to add all information relating to assets. This includes; Audit Due Dates, Receipt Number, Declassification Date and Accesses. The only items that are required for an asset import are:

  • Asset ID

  • Asset Name

  • Facility

  • Custodian

Each import file is required to be saved and imported as a .CSV file. After each import, ThreatSwitch will verify if you are creating a record, updating a record or if there are items on the file that are invalid.

To learn how to import a Personnel and Asset file, check out the following support articles:

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