Why am I using ThreatSwitch?

Why am I using TSW as an employee, contractor or a non-cleared personnel?

Written by Peter Akeley
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What is ThreatSwitch?

ThreatSwitch is software that helps you participate in your company's security program more quickly and easily. It lets you report information to your security manager, and helps you complete required training.

Why is my company using ThreatSwitch?

Your company is using ThreatSwitch because it wants to make it easier for employees to participate in its industrial security program. This helps your company comply with federal rules, and helps you spend less time on security admin tasks and more time on your job.

ThreatSwitch will improve information sharing between company's security team and cleared personnel. It will also help to reduce the time and effort required for routine activities supporting security clearances and classified projects. For example, you’ll have on-demand access to your security clearance eligibilities and accesses.

Why am I using ThreatSwitch?

You have been invited to use ThreatSwitch to report, complete and send information to your Security Managers. You will be responsible for relaying information to your Security Team by using ThreatSwitch.

Whether you hold a clearance or not, or whether you are a full time employee versus a contractor you have been invited to use ThreatSwitch based on your company's Security Teams review. You will be required to complete items in ThreatSwitch based on the instructions provided by your Security Team.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to your FSO, Supervisor or ThreatSwitch support.

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