Selecting Calendar Dates in TSW

Calendar dates in TSW can be tricky -- read more to learn how to ensure the correct date is selected.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Calendar Dates can be tricky in ThreatSwitch. To make sure the correct date is selected the format should always be marked as 'MM/DD/YYYY'.

If you are typing in the date from the calendar picker, you need to include all numbers, even the '0'. Dates should reflect as the following: '01/02/2020' or '02/04/2001'.

If all fields are not entered correctly, the calendar picker could enter the incorrect date based on formatting. After entering the information, you can either press 'enter' or click out of the calendar -- the information will be saved.

โ€‹Tip: Always double check dates to make sure the data is saved correctly.

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