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As an Employee, What can be accomplished through ThreatSwitch?
As an Employee, What can be accomplished through ThreatSwitch?

What are the tasks I am required to do through ThreatSwitch?

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

As an Employee you are responsible to submit many things to your Security Team or FSO. This article will break down what you can complete and submit to your Security Team versus what you can review in ThreatSwitch.

โ€‹Assigned Tasks - Items assigned by your Security Team for you to complete.

  • Training(s) - Annual Security Training? New Hire Training? Your Security Team can and will assign you trainings throughout the year. Once assigned, you will receive an email notification to complete this training.

  • Form(s) - If you need to complete and sign any forms, this now can be done electronically.

Tasks to Submit - These are items you can submit to your Security Team.

  • Foreign Travel - Traveling out of the country? Submit a travel report to your Security Team. When you return you will also need to complete a travel debriefs.

  • Incidents - Submit a Life Change, Suspicious Activity, Cyber Attack, Foreign Contact and Foreign Influence in ThreatSwitch. We support all Insider Threat and Incident reporting that is required.

  • Visit Requests - Traveling to a different location? Submit this visit request to your Security Team via ThreatSwitch. You can submit a multi-user VAR or simply submit one for yourself.

  • Contact Details - Update your Emergency Contact Details, Contact Information and Passport Details

Items to Review - Review these items to make sure everything is up to date and relevant with your record.

  • Personal Information - Once you login and view 'Profile' --> 'My Profile' section, you can review all information like Employee Details, Basic Information, Detailed PII and Assigned Facilities.

  • Eligibility and Accesses - Review you current Eligibility and Accesses. This includes debrief and brief dates, when you are due for a reinvestigation, and if you are in Continuous Evaluation.

  • Badges - check to see if your badge information is up to date and still relevant.

  • Company-wide Documents - Your Security Team can grant you access to company-wide documents that are relevant to your Security Program or company.

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