How do I report my recent marriage?

Recently experience a life event? ThreatSwitch has you covered!

Written by Peter Akeley
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Reporting life events to your Security Team is now an easy task to complete in ThreatSwitch. A few life events you can report on are:

  • Changes in Marital Status

  • Change of Citizenship

  • Change of Name

  • Access to Classified Info is no longer required

  • Termination of Employment

  • Death

  • Other

To report a marriage (congrats!), all that is needed is in the following steps.

  1. Log into your ThreatSwitch account and proceed to 'Reported Info'.

  2. After selecting 'Reported Info' select the incident of Life Changes / COVID-19 Status.

  3. The next page will request additional information, including the life event. For marriage, select "Changes in Marital Stats". Other items you will want to include are; Who the report is about, Who reported this info and the date the change is in effect. You have the ability to add additional information if needed or wanted.

  4. Once completed, simply select "Finish" and the information will be submitted to your Security Team or FSO.

Questions? Feel free to contact us through the Chat feature located in the bottom right hand side of the page.

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