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How do I enter a travel report for a cruise at multiple ports?
How do I enter a travel report for a cruise at multiple ports?

We support multi-stop travel with all modes of transportation.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Are you traveling to different locations for vacation or for business travel? ThreatSwitch supports multi-locations in all modes of transportation. Whether that be plane, train, car or even a cruise ship. Review the steps below to learn how to submit a multi-destination vacation.

All modes of transportation will require you to do the following:

  1. Log into your ThreatSwitch account and proceed to 'Travel'

  2. Select 'Report Foreign Travel' in the top right hand corner of the screen.

  3. Begin filling out the requested information; Who is traveling, the dates of the trip, the purpose of the trip, and if anyone else is traveling with you.

  4. After selecting 'Next' you will select ALL modes of transportation. For example, if you are traveling by plane and a cruise -- select both options.

Submitting a Cruise trip:

  1. After selecting 'Cruise', select 'Next'

  2. From there, begin completing all the fields presented.

  3. If you are stopping at different Ports on the cruise, please select 'Add Another Boat'. This is located below the 'Arrival/Return Date'. This will allow you to include any additional Port you will visit or have the opportunity to visit during your trip.

After submitting your Cruise information, you will need to finish submitting your travel. This includes submitting your Hotel information. If you are not staying at a hotel during this trip, you should add the Cruise Line and Ship Name in these fields along with your Room Number.

Once the Hotel information is entered, continue with completing the remaining screens to fully submit your pre-travel report.

Questions? Send us a 'Chat' located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

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