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How to view your Accesses & Eligibilities
How to view your Accesses & Eligibilities

Employee's now have the ability to view their Accesses & Eligibilities

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

ThreatSwitch now allows for you, as an Employee, to view your Accesses and Eligibilities. This eliminates the need for you to reach out to your Security Manager to confirm what the status is for either your Eligibility and/or Accesses. Meaning, you are always aware and informed of what is going on with your clearances. 

Being able to view you Eligibility allows for you to see the type, who performed the investigation and the type of investigation, the granted by and on date and also when you are due for a reinvestigation.

Having visibility into Accesses will keep you informed on the contract the access is under, the facility and the brief and debrief dates. 

Check your Accesses and/or Eligibility out by following the steps below to see what is associated with your account. 

  1. Log into ThreatSwitch using your email and defined password

  2. Select 'Profile' in the lower left hand corner

  3. In the pop up box select 'My Profile'

  4. Located in the left hand sidebar select either 'Accesses' or 'Eligibility' to view what is listed under your account.

Please note, if something is not listed correctly it could be due to timing of when the information was released to your Security Team. If you believe there is an error, please reach out to your Security Team to relay this concern. 

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