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Getting Started for Employees
Best Practices for using ThreatSwitch as an Employee
Best Practices for using ThreatSwitch as an Employee

This article outlines best practices on using ThreatSwitch for Employees.

Written by Peter Akeley
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Steps and Best Practices for using ThreatSwitch
Audience: Employees

So your company is now using ThreatSwitch, what does this exactly mean for you? It means everything! An easier way to report, complete and send information to your Security Managers. Read below for a few quick tips on getting started with ThreatSwitch. Our Knowledgebase holds a handful of support articles and videos to guide you through the process of using each feature. Check it out here!

Quick Tip #1: Logging into ThreatSwitch
Creating your account is an easy task, all that is required is to open the “Welcome Email” that was sent to you and select “Get Started” -- Subject Line: [Threatswitch] Your New Account Has Been Created. The next step is to enter your password and log into your account! Once logged in you will be able to access all the features ThreatSwitch has to offer. 

  • Did you not receive a Welcome Email? There could be a few reasons why; either the email went to your Spam folder or blocked by an internal security system put in place by your company. Or your Security Manager needs to set up your account, connect with your Security Admin to get this set up!

  • Are the URLs not working in the Welcome Email? This sometimes happens. Follow the three steps listed under the next bullet point.

  • Do you know your username but the information in the emails will not let you reset or access the system? This is an easy fix! Follow the steps below: 

  1. Open and select “Forgot Password”

  2. Enter your email address and select Submit

  3. Open the email and follow the instructions in the email to reset your password

Quick Tip #2: Review FAQ and Common Obstacles
Below are common questions we get when companies first start using ThreatSwitch. Review the common questions and obstacles to help familiarize yourself with the platform. 

  • Why am I using ThreatSwitch? Your company wants to make it easier for employees to participate in its industrial security program. TSW helps employees and companies stay compliant with federal rules and regulations. 

  • What is the best browser to use? You guessed it! Google Chrome and FireFox. However we are compatible with IE11 and Microsoft Edge (we don’t recommend using them).

  • What URL do I use to access ThreatSwitch? -- Bookmark it!

  • Completely stumped or have a question? We are here for you anytime! No literally, we have a 24/7/365 Support Center. If you ever have a question about anything (really, anything), contact us using the Chat feature in the bottom right corner of our website. We also have a KnowledgeBase Center - all the FAQ, in one location. 

  • Are you not receiving the password reset emails? Here are some helpful tips and a useful support article -- check it out!

  1. Is it in your Spam folder?

  2. When resetting your Password, are you entering the correct email associated with your account?

  3. Your company could be blocking this -- reach out to your Security Admin or IT Department to check and see if communication is being blocked from ThreatSwitch

Quick Tip #3: Navigating ThreatSwitch and the features

Now that you have communicated ThreatSwitch to all employees, informing everyone how to use the features is the next task. The support articles listed below will help users learn how to utilize each tool. 

Quick Tip #4: Reviewing some Quick Tips

Learning how to use ThreatSwitch is extremely easy. Each feature is easy to navigate and extremely user friendly. Outlined below are a few quick tips that help you have a better understanding of what can be done within the platform. 

  • Updating Personal Information - Have a change of address? Or a new Emergency Contact? Or did you just get a new Passport and/or Driver License? All you need to do is navigate to the “My Profile” page and edit the fields. For more detailed instructions review this support article: “How to update My Personal Details".

  • Reviewing your Inbox and Dashboard - Unsure of what tasks need your attention? Not to worry! ThreatSwitch makes this easy for you with three simple features.

  • Employee Inbox - Notifies you of all the open items you need to address and submit to your Security Manager

  • Dashboard - The dashboard helps you quickly submit reportable information, visit requests and trainings. Want to learn more about the Dashboard and Inbox functionality, this support article highlights the functionality. 

  • Weekly Digest Emails - Constantly worried you missed a task or an assignment? TSW makes your life easier by sending you weekly email outlining all outstanding tasks that you need to complete. 

Questions? No need to fret, your Customer Success Manager will walk you through this during the Onboarding and during Progress Calls. Also, you can ask questions 24/7/365 through our platform using Chat (the pop up in the bottom right hand side of the page). 

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