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How do I submit a Visit Request to my Security Manager?
How do I submit a Visit Request to my Security Manager?

As an Employee you can submit your Visit Access Request to your Security Manager through TSW.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

Submitting a VAR to your Security Manager has previously been a time consuming process that required multiple steps and different lines of communication. ThreatSwitch has simplified this process to allow for you as an Employee to submit this information to your Security Manager. 

The moment you know that you need to submit a VAR, all you need to do is log into TSW and complete the designated form -- anytime, anywhere. Review the steps below to learn how to complete this process in TSW!

  1. Log into your TSW account and select "Visit Requests" located in the toolbar

2. Click "Add a Visit Request" in the top right hand corner of the page

3. Fill out the required information to initiate the Visit Request. The required fields are

  • Clearance Level

  • Related Contract

  • Reason for Visit

  • Meeting POC Phone

  • Security Contact Email

  • Start Date, End Date

  • Meeting location has a Cage Code? Y/N 

  • Cage Code or Destination Fax/Email

  • Additional Notes

4. Select Save and Congrats you have successfully completed the request for an outgoing VAR. Your Security Manager will review and provide you with the next steps. 

Fun Fact! Once the status of the Visit Request changes you will receive an email notification from your Security Manager. This will let you know if any other action is needed.

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