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What are my options for importing personnel info to establish user accounts?
What are my options for importing personnel info to establish user accounts?

How to load your cleared personnel into ThreatSwitch

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

In order for your cleared personnel to log in and report information or complete a training, you will need to load their data into the ThreatSwitch. There are three recommended methods you can take to get their information in the system.

  1. Import your data from the DISS Subject report (recommended)

  2. Manually import from a CSV

  3. Import from a JPAS subject report (advanced users only)

We highly recommend importing your data from your DISS system. This is the simplest method in getting data into ThreatSwitch. The first step is downloading the XLSX file from DISS and then uploading the file into ThreatSwitch where our system will identify the users and alert you of any errors that you will want to correct. To learn more on the steps of this method check out this support article: "How Do I sync with DISS?".

The next method is manually importing your data from a CSV file. This is a more manual process of formating the data in the correct format but you will have more control of what gets entered in the system. To learn more about the process of creating the CSV document, review this support article "How do I sync data with a CSV Import?".

The last method of importing information from a JPAS report is only recommended if you are an advanced user in both JPAS and ThreatSwitch. This is a more complex process and the steps to perform this are listed in these two support articles "How to Download JPAS Data" and "How Do I sync with JPAS?".
Fun Fact: You can also add users on a user by user basis, which is a good option for new hires or newly cleared employees. Want to learn how to add an employee to the system one by one? Check this support article out "How do I manually add people into ThreatSwitch".

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