How do I complete a Form as an Employee?

You've received a notification to sign a form in TSW -- Now what?

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

In ThreatSwitch, one of the most popular features as an employee is the ability to review, sign and send a form electronically back to your Security Manager. The steps below outline what you need to do as an employee to complete this assignment. 

  1. "You've been asked to Complete a Form" e-mail was just delivered to your inbox, your next course of action is to a) click the hyperlink "form center" from the email 

 2. Once you have successfully logged in, your Inbox will reflect all open items that you need to take action on. For this example select the "View Form Request" option, you will then be redirected you to the Form section. 

If there is nothing in your inbox, try selecting "Forms" on the left side navigation bar. 

3. The Form section will show all the incomplete and completed forms. Select the first incomplete form by clicking "Sign" located on the very right hand side. 

4. After selecting "Sign", the form will load for you to read and review. When you have successfully reviewed the information, click "Get Started" on the right hand corner of the form. This will give you the ability to sign off on the form in the method of your choosing; Draw it in, Type it in, Upload an Image, or Use Smartphone. Select the option that works best for you and then click "Insert" in the bottom right hand corner. 

5. After clicking "Insert" you will be prompted with a yellow banner stating "You have completed all required fields. Please click 'Continue". This will then bring you to the next screen which will ask you to review the HelloSign agreement terms and select "I Agree".

6. Congrats! Once you select "I Agree" you have successfully completed the request of signing a form. 

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