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Can ThreatSwitch-generated emails be customized?
Can ThreatSwitch-generated emails be customized?

TSW Auto-generated Emails are not Customizable -- What you can do to provide a custom message to your employees

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago

ThreatSwitch auto-generates the Welcome Email and Training Emails to employees once their information has been loaded in the system or if they have been assigned a new training. This information is sent automatically and at this time, is not customizable.

There are a few ways to navigate sending additional messaging to your employees regarding ThreatSwitch and the actions they need to take. This will require you to utilize the e-mail server your company provides (Outlook, Gmail, etc) and send mass e-mails to the employees who are new to TSW or have a new training assigned to them. 

Any company specific information pertaining to their use of TSW can be communicated through the outside email server. Once sent, you will then send the Welcome Email or assign them a training in TSW. The ThreatSwitch-generated e-mail will provide them the generic instructions on what to do next.

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