Personal changes occur quite frequently and as an employee it is important to relay this information your Security Manager. ThreatSwitch allows for you to make changes to existing information so you no longer have to reach out to your Security Manager or FSO to make the request. You can now update the below information in TSW: 

  • Contact Details - Home Address, Home + Mobile + Work Phone, Personal Email Address

  • Emergency Contact Details - Name, Relationship and Phone

  • Passport Details - Passport #, Date of Issue and Expiration Date

To make these updates follow the steps outlined below (it is extremely easy!):

  1. Log into your ThreatSwitch Account and select 'My Profile' on the left side panel

  2. Scroll down to either Contact Details, Emergency Contact Details and Passport Details

  3. Select 'Edit' on either Contact Details, Emergency Contact Details and/or Passport Details

  4. Make the appropriate changes and click Save

  5. Congrats! You have successfully updated your information. 

Please note, a lock symbol indicates that the details can be updated by an Admin or Security Manager only. Contact your corporate security office to make changes to Personal details (such as a name change or incorrect birth place).

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