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I'm not receiving my password reset email. What went wrong?
I'm not receiving my password reset email. What went wrong?

What steps you should take when you do not receive the password reset email.

Written by Peter Akeley
Updated over a week ago
  1. The password reset email went to your Spam Folder. 

  2. You are entering an incorrect email address

  3. Your email address changed

  4. Your email address was created incorrectly by an Security Manager

  5. Your server is blocking incoming emails from

Before contacting your Security Manager or IT department, check in your Spam folder to make sure it wasn't sent there instead. If the reset email is not there, review the recommendations listed below. 

When requesting to reset your password, make sure you are entering the email address associated with your ThreatSwitch account. If you are not sure of the correct email address, please confirm with your security manager.

If you are utilizing the correct email address for login and your Security Manager confirms that your email is correct within ThreatSwitch, it is possible that your server or email settings are blocking inbound email communication from Check with your IT department for help.

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