How Do I Sync With JPAS?

ThreatSwitch's JPAS sync wizard walks you through how to choose the right JPAS data, import it, accept or reject changes, and add new users.

Written by John Dillard
Updated over a week ago

Syncing with JPAS involves two steps: first, you will need to download the right JPAS report for synchronization. Second, you'll use that file in the ThreatSwitch JPAS sync wizard. Here's how it works:

  1. Download your data from JPAS. This important first step requires that you choose the right report in the right format, with no modifications. A detailed explanation of how to do this is here

  2. Login to your account and navigate to the “People” section

  3. Click the “Import JPAS data” button (orange, top right)

4. Follow the step by step wizard for the JPAS import. This will bring you to a screen that walks you through how to download the correct export from JPAS

Note: When you're importing JPAS data, it's very important to use the correct JPAS export, with no modifications or edits. As we all know, JPAS is quite temperamental, so we have provided a detailed guide in the JPAS wizard, and you can also read a support article on it here.

4. Following the wizard, upload the file you downloaded from JPAS to ThreatSwitch. ThreatSwitch will automatically detect any changes to your JPAS file, as well as any new users. 

5. Approve or reject any changes to employees. 

6. Confirm any new employees that ThreatSwitch has detected. 

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