How to Download JPAS Data

Preparing to sync JPAS data with ThreatSwitch? Here's a step by step guide for choosing the right report.

Written by Peter Akeley
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  1. Once successfully logged in to JPAS under the appropriate user level, click on “Reports” in the left-hand menu.

  2. In the subcategory options, click on “Personnel”

  3. Identify which office (home only or subordinates included) and which persons (owned, serviced or both) on which you wish to report

  4. Identify your specific organization by clicking on the “Select Organization” button

  5. Under the Search section, click on the Organization’s Service/Agency dropdown list and select “DoD Contractor Companies,” and next to Organization UIC/RUC/PASCODE/CAGE type in your company’s CAGE code followed by the asterisk wildcard symbol (e.g. 12345*)

  6. Click the Search button

  7. Under Search Results, click on the appropriate CAGE code hyperlink (e.g 12345-I)

  8. The screen will refresh, now click on the OK button

  9. Select “ALL” or the specific level/type on which you wish to report for each parameter: Eligibility, Investigation Type, Position Code, and Position Sensitivity

  10. Click on “Run Report”

  11. You may close the pop-up generated once it indicates that it is okay to do so and in the left-hand menu under Reports, click on “Report Pickup”

  12. Click on the “JCAVSPersonnelByEligibilityAndAccess.csv” hyperlink under View Report Link

  13. Save file to your computer as comma-delimited (.csv) format

  14. You're done!

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