Option 1: Use the Simple Employee Uploader

The simple employee uploader allows you to upload your own CSV file to ThreatSwitch, without having to worry about JPAS downloads. This approach is best when you are adding many users at once, because you don’t have to type in the emails on your own. Once these users are in ThreatSwitch, they can be synced easily with JPAS automatically. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Prepare a .csv file (click here for a template) with all of the the following columns for all of the employees you want to import: first_name,last_name,ssn,email  . For example:Bob,Barkelyson,001-00-0001,[email protected] 

  2. Log in to your account, click on the “People” section. Click on “Import  CSV” 

3. Select the file you have prepared and import your users. Our system will identify any new users or changes to existing accounts. Once you 'Finalize Import' you have the option to send welcome emails at this time. If you want to welcome your users to ThreatSwitch, select 'Yes'. If you want to wait for a later date and/or time select 'No'. 

Congratulations! Your users are now in ThreatSwitch. You can now sync their data with JPAS (instructions below), and ThreatSwitch will match them using their Social Security Number. 

Option 2: Using JPAS to Upload Employees

You can also use the JPAS Sync to import employees. If you use this option, ThreatSwitch will detect any new employees and prompt you to manually provide each employee’s email address. This approach is best used when you don’t have many employees, or are just adding a few new individuals. Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Login to your account and navigate to the “People” section. Click the “Import JPAS data” button 

2. Follow the step by step wizard for the JPAS import. This will bring you to a screen that walks you through how to download the correct export from JPAS

Note: When you're importing JPAS data, it's very important to use the correct JPAS export, with no modifications or edits. As we all know, JPAS is quite temperamental, so we have provided a detailed guide in the JPAS wizard, and you can also read a support article on it here.

3. Following the wizard, upload the file you downloaded from JPAS to ThreatSwitch.

4. For all the new users, manually type in the email address for each. Too many users to type in individuals emails? Check out "Option 1" at the beginning of this article. 

5. Confirm your import, and the new users will be sent the “Welcome to ThreatSwitch” email and their account will be active. 


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